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Wellness culture and your skincare

  • 5 min read

In the wake of toxic wellness culture, the realistic lifestyle of the everyday person seems to have been forgotten. Not everyone can or wants to eat a certain way or follow specific lifestyle ‘rules’ in pursuit of the wellness dream. 

Sometimes, sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea and a biscuit is exactly what’s needed, and other times, getting active or creatively expressing your thoughts does the trick. 

Emerging from the rejection of wellness culture and the dark underbelly of toxic wellness culture are anti-wellness narratives, focusing on the individual and things that fill up your cup, so you can help to fill up the cups of others. 

What is wellness culture?

There are a few ways of looking at wellness culture, but the process of striving to be a better version of oneself is what ultimately underpins the concept.

Many organisations have started to introduce a wellness culture in the workplace in order to retain talent, with mental health days off, free therapy and lunchtime meditation. This might sound ideal, but is it enforcing a toxic wellness culture? 

What is toxic wellness culture?

While there’s no doubt that striving to be a better version of yourself is a positive thing, it’s become a buzzword for companies and entrepreneurs to use, and a tool to generate sales by making people feel ‘less than’. 

Dr. Halbert L. Dunn, the so-called father of the wellness movement, drew a distinction between good health as the absence of illness and the passive state of homeostasis, and wellness as an active, ongoing pursuit.

What makes wellness culture so easily toxic is ​​that despite this distinction, many industries focus on wellness fixes – whether it be yoga retreats, juice cleanses or wonder supplements – rather than an ongoing process of self-improvement. 

Another issue within the wellness culture is all too often, it’s used as a marketing tactic in order to generate sales. Consumers are sold the dream of wellness – which at its core is an ongoing process – and ultimately disappointed when the advertised result isn’t achieved. Not only this, but many customers then start to feel as though they are to blame for not reaching the elusive state of wellness, making them feel ‘less than’. 

Striving to become a better version of yourself – whether mentally or physically – should be an empowering act, not a guilt-ridden burden.

Anti-wellness narratives

As people start to reject the wellness culture we’ve been bombarded with over the last few years in particular, various anti-wellness narratives have started to emerge. 

Some people have ditched the wellness culture in favour of activities and practices which genuinely make them happier people and ‘fill up their cup’. From creative outlets and getting their bodies moving to honouring their true feelings and seeking professional therapy, anti-wellness gives people what they need, not what someone else says they need. 

While some of these activities might sound like aspects of wellness culture, they are enjoyed without unrealistic expectations and guilt for being less than perfect – spoiler alert, literally no one is perfect! 

Feel good with UpCircle

Here at UpCircle, we know how damaging wellness culture can be, and how it can lead to an endless pursuit of perfection. While we do love a double cleanse and a full skincare routine, it’s important to remember that when life gets in the way or you simply just don’t feel like it, it’s not the end of the world. 

We aren’t going to recommend that using all of our products will help to make you happier people who have reached your wellness goals because against the backdrop of toxic wellness culture, this is ultimately unattainable. 

However, what we will do is show you some of our favourite feel-good products that are packed with hardworking ingredients that support your skin as you do what makes you genuinely happy. 

Cleansing Face Milk with Oat Powder

This water-based cleanser is gentle on the skin while it gets to work removing dirt, excess oil and traces of makeup. Perfect for use every day, our Cleansing Face Milk with Oat Powder has a milky, creamy formula that hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Working to repair and restore the skin’s moisture barrier, the cleanser is formulated with sunflower seed oil. A source of natural ceramides, sunflower seed oil is not only intensely moisturising, but also helps to lock that moisture into your skin.  


Kaolin Clay Face Mask

Gently detoxifying, this clay face mask helps to fight blackheads, minimise the appearance of pores and prevent breakouts. Skin is left feeling cleansed, refreshed and balanced.

Made with the upcycled finely-ground powder of discarded olive stones, a natural by-product of the olive oil industry and a powerful anti-inflammatory, this face mask is suitable for all skin types. Apply a thin layer of our Kaolin Clay Face Mask to damp skin and rinse with warm water after 10 minutes. 


Organic Face Serum with Coffee Oil

Multi-award-winning, this certified organic face serum is formulated with naturally-occurring caffeine and vitamin C to hydrate and brighten the skin.

Apply our Organic Face Serum with Coffee Oil after moisturiser. As this serum is fully oil based, it works through occlusion, locking in the hydration provided by the moisturiser by forming a protective seal over your skin.

Multi-functional, the fan-favourite serum is also excellent as a hair or beard oil – jojoba oil softens hair whilst rosehip keeps the skin beneath healthy and reduces irritation.


Bath Salts with Epsom, Sea and Himalayan Pink Salt

These beautifully scented bath salts feature luxurious natural salts and aromatic botanicals to help calm the mind and relax the body. Upcycled rose petals provide an uplifting floral scent, and lavender oil helps to calm the senses. 

Each jar is brimming with upcycled rose petals and contains a trio of natural salts: muscle-relaxing Epsom salt, breakout-busting sea salt and anti-pollutant Himalayan pink salt.


 Natural Body Cream with Date Seeds

An award-winning natural, luxurious body moisturiser to soothe the skin with hydrating shea butter and nourishing linseed and olive oil. This soothing body cream is made with the anti-inflammatory extract of leftover date seeds, a by-product of date farming.

Soothe dry or irritated skin with this calming blend of natural ingredients which help to reduce inflammation and redness, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and supple.


Face Massage Tools

UpCircle’s sustainable face massage tools are a great way to give yourself a little boost. Our Stainless Steel Gua Sha helps to relieve tension and reduce puffiness, while promoting blood circulation, improving fine lines and helping you relax.


Our plastic-negative Soothing Eye Roller leaves your eyes brighter, soothed and refreshed. Use to massage in eye cream or serum for deeper absorption. 


Discover our full collection of vegan and cruelty-free skin, body and hair care products at UpCircle, where we upcycle ingredients that would otherwise go to water to give them a new lease of life. 

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