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9 benefits of facial massage and the best tools to use

  • 4 min read

Our plastic-free eye roller and stainless steel gua sha are two of the most suitable facial massage tools to get the full plethora of benefits of facial massage. 

Here, we look at the benefits of facial massage and share a little about the best facial massage tools to use. Facial massage is nothing new, in fact it’s ancient, but it’s fabulous this trend is now taking off here.

What are the benefits of facial massage?

There are a wide range of benefits of facial massage. With the right kinds of facial massage tools, these can be enhanced further. 

1. Stimulate blood flow and aid circulation

Using a facial massage tool to massage the face can increase circulation. This has the benefit of giving you a brighter complexion. It also helps your skin to naturally cleanse and drain, shifting toxins away. 

2. Even and thorough skincare application

No doubt you choose your skin products with care, ensuring that they are right for your skin type. Whether it’s your eye cream or a serum, it’s important to ensure they are applied evenly for best effect. Facial massage works your skincare products deeply into the skin.

3. Refresh the skin

Reputable and high quality facial massage tools use materials that are naturally cool – like metal or stone. This coolness with the massage helps to refresh the skin, cooling any sensitivity or irritation. 

Top tip: place our metal eye roller in the fridge before using it to enhance the cooling effect.

4. Reduces puffiness and inflammation

Gently massaging the face helps with lymphatic drainage. If you wake with puffy eyes, or experience puffiness or inflammation, then one of the best facial massage benefits is that it helps to ease this and calm things down. 

5. Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles

The same processes described above – improved circulation and lymphatic drainage – help to keep your skin youthful and firm. It also bolsters the collagen production process in your skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are evened out and your skin is left firm and supple. 

That’s right, massaging your face – even without products – can be one of the best elements of your skincare routine to plump your skin. Indeed, one study has shown that using facial massage tools increases the effectiveness of your “anti-ageing” skincare!

6. Clearer skin

There is growing evidence that regular facial massage helps to promote clearer skin, reducing breakouts and even acne. This may be because the massage stimulates the skin’s own cleansing process, as well as allows cleansers to penetrate deeper into the skin.

7. Sinus relief

As we head into cold and flu season, knowing that there are natural things you can do to help alleviate sinus pain and pressure is welcome! Facial massage can alleviate the sinus discomfort you can feel if you are suffering with a cold or the flu. 

8. Relaxation, tension and stress relief

We often hold a lot of tension in our face from the stresses and strains of life. This applies to all of us, but even more so to those who live with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) conditions. Headaches and soreness from tension in the face is uncomfortable to live with – facial massage can help to reduce this tension. Additionally, the process itself is soothing and relaxing, helping to ease away the stresses and worries of everyday life.

9. Muscle thickness and scar reduction

It’s not fully understood why, but possibly due to increased circulation, facial massage can help to boost muscle thickness and help them to repair. Similarly, using regular massage can help to heal marks and scars, for example from acne. 

Do you have to see a professional?

Absolutely not! One of the best things about facial massage is that you can easily reap its benefits without leaving your own home. It’s a pleasurable and short addition to your established skincare routine. There’s nothing complicated about it and you can do a facial massage yourself. 

You can do it with a specific product, such as a serum, but we recommend doing it throughout your routine. For example, use an eye roller with your eye cream and a gua sha when you apply your moisturiser.

When you do a facial massage, use gentle but firm strokes and movements using repeated circular motions. Make sure you give attention to every area of your face, including your brows, sockets, and under your chin. Apply pressure on comfortable trigger points, such as where your jaw meets, on your temples, as well as between your brows.

You can use your fingertips, but for best results and comfort we recommend using special facial massage tools. 

The best tools to use for facial massage

Now you know the primary benefits of facial massage, you’ll want to get your own facial massage tools and get started. Different tools do different things, so here we share with you which facial massage tool to use for each purpose.

Under eye roller

An eye roller facial massage tool is a ball shaped tool with a handle that allows you to gently reach and massage the full orbital area. This allows you to massage in eye cream more effectively, as well as boost circulation and drainage in the area, leaving your eyes looking brighter and less puffy. Our under eye roller tool can be cooled in the fridge for additional benefits.

Gua sha

A gua sha is a facial massage tool which is a smooth notched stone. It can be used to massage the skin across your face and neck. You can determine the pressure, from gentle strokes to deeper pressure, or you can use the edge to gently scrape the skin, helping the rejuvenation process. It is an ancient Chinese tool favoured for helping to release tension. You can use our gua sha to get the benefits of cold stone facial massage.

Facial massage roller

A facial massage roller is another popular option for massaging your face. We find the combination of an eye roller and gua sha to be everything you need, but a facial roller tool can also be relaxing and help to massage tension out of your face.

Remember to choose cleansers and moisturisers to use with your facial massage tools so that you really reap the benefits. Have a blissful time with your facial massage tools and also benefit from smooth, clear and glowing skin.