More UpCircler skin transformations!

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If we can provide competitively priced, high performing products from upcycled ingredients then we are demonstrating that the beauty industry can become a lot less wasteful – it is an innovative approach and a fresh perspective.

But, all of this effort is futile if all of you out there are not willing to open your arms to what-would-be waste ingredients. So… are you ready? Well, if the testimony and photos of these customers are anything to go on, it looks like the answer is yes.

So without further ado... Have a look and a read through some of our latest UpCircler skin transformations!


"I have been suffering with eczema all over my face since the beginning of this year. I am gobsmacked how clear my skin is using the facial scrub, the oil, the cleanser and the soap bar, along with moisturiser.

I have spent HUNDREDS to finally find what is my skin saviour. I have been so down with my skin, having never had eczema anywhere before and suddenly having it on my face. The second picture is with no foundation, just mascara and brow pencil. I am AMAZED! I feel so happy and so relieved." @kickstartbabies


"When I get stressed my skin flares up. I've tried all sorts of things including really harsh products my doc had to prescribe, but my skin didn't like any of it.

I've been using your products for a few weeks now. This is the result after 17 days. I use the mask twice a week, the serum at night and the moisturiser during the day. I also use the charcoal soap daily and it's great as it doesn't dry out my skin.” Anita


"I’ve been using the Cinnamon + Ginger chai soap and I love it. My skin was not happy before and I tried loads of different things to sort it out but they didn’t work. But this did! These pictures are 10 days apart and I’m really happy how my skin is looking so far." Mollie


“I ordered a the "Redness Reducer" Bundle and OMG how is it even possible to have this big a difference?! I’m vegan and always use only organic cosmetics, but your are the best.

I am so happy about the effects. I’ve tried so many brands and nothing worked. I will always come back to your products and I will recommend them to everyone.” Agnieszka


“I’m feeling the most confident I've ever felt with no make up on!" Zoe

Have you seen a positive difference in your skin since using UpCircle products in your skincare routine? We would love to see! Simply email your pics to If we use them, we'll send you an UpCircle Gift Voucher!

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We'll be back with more before and afters soon! Stay tuned x