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The UpCircle guide to lip care

  • 4 min read

Now that the colder weather has started to creep back in, the times of chapped and sore lips are looming once again. This is the time most people first reach for their lip balm, but maintaining a daily lip care routine – we promise it isn’t as taxing as it might seem – can be the key to helping to prevent sore and cracked lips in the first place. 

Find out more about how you can take care of your lips no matter what the weather is like, and more about the anticipated UpCircle Lip Balm with Hemp Oil. 

Why is lip care important?

Skincare is a top priority for many people now, but too often lip care is neglected. Much like how the skin on your scalp still needs taking care of, the skin on your lips does too!

The skin on your lips is much thinner and more delicate than the rest of your face, making it more susceptible to damage from the weather and other external stressors. A consistent lip care routine focusing on hydration and nourishment is essential to making sure your lips are smooth and moisturised.

Lip care routine

When it comes to lip care, the ingredients in your products make all the difference. Using products containing high quality and vegan ingredients ensures that what you’re using on your skin is all natural and kind to the planet too.

Here’s our easy daily lip care routine:

1. Gentle exfoliation

As the skin on your lips is delicate, it is essential to only use gentle exfoliation. Exfoliating scrubs can often be too harsh on the lips, so we recommend simply using a cotton muslin cloth with warm water, and lightly rubbing over your lips. 

This helps to remove any flakes of skin if your lips are chapped, without damaging your lips. 

2. Add some sun protection

Sun protection is non-negotiable all year round, whether rain or shine. When it comes to applying your SPF, it’s all too easy to miss the skin on your lips – but taking time to ensure your lips are covered in a thin layer of sunscreen is important.

Sun damage on your lips can present as dry and chapped lips, which can cause discomfort and soreness. 

3. Use a nourishing lip balm

The final step in our lip care routine is to use an intensely moisturising lip balm to nourish the skin. Our UpCircle lip balm has been formulated with the highest quality ingredients to ensure your lips are soft and supple all year round.

Formulated with skin-loving upcycled hemp seed oil, moisturising shea butter, anti-inflammatory rosehip oil and antioxidant grapefruit oil, the UpCircle lip balm helps to strengthen the skin barrier and address the specific needs of delicate lip skin.

UpCircle embraces hemp lip care 

Knowing how important it is to keep your lips as hydrated as the rest of your skin, we thought it was about time we brought you an organic lip care alternative that’s brimming with skin-loving ingredients. 

As a brand proudly certified by both Leaping Bunny and The Vegan Society, it was imperative for us to create a balm without using beeswax. After countless refinements over just under two years, we’ve achieved a gentle lip balm that has a soft, slightly citrusy scent. The balm provides a wonderfully satisfying feel on the lips that falls somewhere between a balm, oil and gloss.

Not only are we the first to upcycle hemp seed oil into a sumptuous lip balm, but we’re also the first to launch a fully refillable lip balm through our refill scheme. Find out more about the ingredients that make our organic lip care so effective. 

Hemp seed oil

Made from upcycled hemp seeds leftover from the food industry, our hemp seed oil is a responsibly sourced, linoleic-rich active oil with a standardised level of natural CBD. 

The seeds are harvested by hand and then pressed into oil for sale to the food industry. Unfortunately, a large proportion of these seeds are rejected as they are out of spec for food use. Those seeds are rescued, cold pressed and turned into our upcycled oil.

Proven to outperform standard hemp oil, the hemp seed oil used in our lip balm is a potent antioxidant and particularly ideal for dry, sensitive skin on the lips. The antioxidant properties also mean that it helps to shield your lips from environmental damage and helps to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier.

Shea butter 

A natural fat derived from the kernels of the African shea tree, shea butter is a staple in many skincare routines due to its intensely moisturising properties. Naturally high in vitamins A and E, shea butter helps to nourish the skin.

We only use raw shea butter in our UpCircle skincare products, which means none of the antioxidants or hydrating properties are lost, giving you the maximum nourishment from your lip balm.

Rosehip oil 

Packed with linoleic (omega-6) and linolenic (omega-3) essential fatty acids and Vitamin A, the UpCircle lip balm helps to hydrate your lips and promotes skin regeneration, leaving your lips plump and full.

Another ingredient that helps to calm and soothe irritation, rosehip oil has anti-inflammatory properties as it is rich in vitamin E and it also contains anthocyanin and polyphenols which work well to reduce inflammation and calm irritation. 

Grapefruit oil 

Our lip balm is enriched with antioxidant-rich grapefruit oil to support the skin barrier. Vitamins A and C work together to encourage cells to regenerate faster, boost collagen, reduce inflammation and also offer some protection against harmful UV rays – although this should never be relied on as a sunscreen replacement. 

Grapefruit oil also has antibacterial properties, helping to clear congestion and heal wounds – perfect to help sore and chapped lips recover. 



You’ll find our Lip Balm with Upcycled Hemp Seed Oil in our ‘Under the Mistletoe’ Bauble, and it’ll launch as its own standalone product very soon, watch this space! In the meantime, support your skin and hair with vegan and cruelty-free skincare and haircare from UpCircle.