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How to get rid of dark circles

  • 5 min read

It’s a common beauty question: how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes? It can be the only thing that stops you skipping out of the house without make-up and it can feel like the cares of the world (and your lack of sleep) are etched on your face for everyone to see. 

If you’re wondering how to get rid of dark eye circles, then read on! Just remember, your skin does a hugely important job, and all skin is wonderful skin – always be kind to yourself and your skin.

What’s going on?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of how to get rid of dark circles around the eyes, it’s important to understand what’s going on.

First, eye circles are completely normal and very common. They can appear as bluish, yellowish or brown shading between the lower eyelid and the top of your cheekbone, and they may, or may not, be accompanied by puffy bags. Despite being very normal, and not solely due to how tired you are, you may find them frustrating. Some people wrongfully feel the need to comment, enquiring about your tiredness, and it can leave you feeling self-conscious.

Anyone can experience dark circles under their eyes – it’s not just tiredness that causes it. People more susceptible to eye bags and dark circles include older people, and those with thin, fair skin. In addition, those with darker skin tones often experience this, largely because they are more prone to hyperpigmentation in general, but also around the eye. Genetic predisposition can also increase the likelihood of dark circles under your eyes.

What causes dark circles?

Yes, fatigue and tiredness is the often cited cause. It’s true that tiredness does tend to show on your face and dark circles are one way this happens. However, it’s more complex than this. Other causes of dark eye circles include:

1. Fatigue

Fatigue isn’t just about feeling exhausted. Oversleeping, as well as not getting enough sleep, can be a problem. When you are sleep deprived, or not getting optimal sleep, your skin will appear duller and paler. This makes dark circles more obvious. 

At the same time, the lack of sleep causes fluid to build under your eyes and the puffiness from this can cause shadows. The position you sleep in can affect this too. 

2. Ageing

It’s normal for dark circles to be more noticeable as we age. This is because the delicate skin around the eyes becomes thinner due to less collagen. Just remember though, ageing is a wonderful part of life that should be celebrated, not feared.

3. Eyestrain

Eyestrain itself is usually reversible with a break from screens and whatever has caused it. However, in the short term, eyestrain can be visible through the characteristic dark circles. This is because the blood vessels around your eyes become enlarged. It’s also for this reason that dark circles may appear worse when there’s additional strain around the eyes when you have a cold, hay fever or have been crying. 

4. Allergies

Allergies can cause eye dryness and this too can lead to dark circles under your eyes. It’s not just red puffy eyes that are on show, but also darker circles. This can be made worse if you succumb to the temptation to rub or scratch your eyes. This skin is delicate and can become easily inflamed. 

5. Dehydration

An underrated cause of dark circles, but one we really believe you should be aware of is dehydration. It’s a relatively easy problem to fix. Hydrated skin is plumper and appears thicker, covering up dull dark sunken circles. 

6. Sunshine

Many with paler skin find that sun exposure can actually help to minimise the appearance of dark circles. However, for the vast majority with darker skin, sun exposure can have the opposite effect. This is because it increases the pigmentation in the skin, making the circles darker and more noticeable. 

When you are out catching some rays – and every other day – it’s essential to protect your skin from UVA & UVB rays. Choose a natural SPF that is kind to your skin, as well as the planet.

7.Health concerns

Occasionally, dark circles are an indication of health concerns, such as thyroid disease or anaemia. Speak to your GP if you have any concerns.

How to get rid of dark circles

We need to be truthful: it’s difficult to get rid of dark circles permanently or overnight. It’s about making regular changes to your lifestyle and beauty routine to minimise their appearance. It’s possible to stay on top of them, and minimise their appearance.

1. Cool them down

A cool compress is not only soothing, but it can also reduce the dilated blood vessels. It’s therefore one of the best tips for how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes fast. It only takes around 20 minutes and you should see an immediate improvement. You can use cooled tea bags (black or green) for a caffeine shot. Or why not use our Coffee Face Scrub Floral Blend for a caffeine shot that also reduces dullness caused by dead skin cells?

Did you know you can pop our kaolin mask in the fridge for a cooling mask that can help reduce dark circles?

2. Sleep well

Not only should you aim to get a full night’s sleep regularly, and avoid burning the candle at both ends, think about how you sleep. Elevate your head and try to sleep on your back. This should reduce pooling of fluid under your eyes which can make dark circles worse. 

3. Get and stay hydrated

Beyond all else, we believe the secret to minimising dark circles is to master hydration – from the inside and out. Drink plenty of juices and eat lots of fruit and veg. From the outside, work to hydrate your skin too. 

We strongly recommend our Caffeinated Duo which includes our Eye Cream with Hyaluronic Acid and Coffee and our Organic Face Serum with Coffee Oil if you experience dark circles. Both products are enriched with caffeine from coffee oil which brightens skin tone and removes the dullness associated with dark circles. Here's to brighter days ahead! 

During the day, choose our Face Moisturiser with Vitamin E to keep your skin hydrated too. Dab it on gently and avoid rubbing too hard as this can make dark circles worse.

In addition, you can of course turn to make-up to conceal the dark circles. Just make sure you cleanse your skin effectively at the end of the day. We also urge you to embrace your skin as it is – your unique skin contributes to making you, you!