General Questions

How do you pronounce Optiat? What does it mean?

  • Good question - Op – tee – at!
  • Optiat is an acronym: it stands for "One Person's Trash Is Another's Treasure". This underpins our whole ethos - of discovering the hidden value in quality ingredients that would otherwise be discarded and transforming them into beauty products that do wonders for your skin!

Are your products cruelty-free?

  • Absolutely. We never test our products on animals and we will never use ingredients that have been tested on animals either.
Are your products vegan?
  • Yes. 100%. We never use any animal-derived ingredients in our formulations!


Do you ship worldwide?

  • For sure! You name the country, we'll ship it there.

How much does delivery cost?

  • Let's break it down by region:
  1. UK: 2nd class: £1.99 for orders under £15, free above. 1st class: £1.99
  2. EU:1st class:Flat fee of £3.49
  3. USA: 1st class: Flat fee of £4.99
  4. Anywhere else: Flat fee of £5.99

Coffee Scrubs

Can I use this on my face?

  • Whilst our scrubs are mainly for the body, lots of us use them on the face too. Given that the skin on our face is more sensitive, patch test on a small part of your face and wait a little while to see if you have an adverse reaction.

Will the caffeine keep me awake if I use this at night?

  • Whilst coffee does contain caffeine, when it is applied to the skin it is absorbed locally. It won’t keep you buzzing all night long!

Do I use this in the shower?

  • Yes! Our scrubs are oil-based so simply apply to damp skin for optimal results. You can also use it in the bath!

Does this replace my soap / shower gel?

  • The main benefit of our scrubs is as an exfoliator, buffing away dead skin to reveal fresh, soft smooth skin. We recommend that you shampoo and soap as usual, and then use our scrubs as the final part of your shower routine. We’ve also added shea butter which leaves your skin hydrated post-scrub – so you won’t even need to moisturise afterwards!

Do I need to leave this on or can I wash it off straight away?

  • You can certainly wash off straight away, but we recommend leaving for a few minutes to let the caffeine to have full effect.

Will this block my drains?

  • No! The amount of coffee grounds used when you scrub is so small that your drains are safe!

Will this stain my tiles / bath / shower?

  • No! Just rinse your shower after using.

Is this ok to use if I have sensitive skin?

Why do you use a preservative?

  • We collect used coffee grounds from cafes, bars and restaurants all across London. To keep the coffee pristine, we use the only natural preservative that is permitted byNatrue,the European natural cosmetic board. The preservative we use is considered natural because each ingredient can be found in nature. We believe this is a price worth paying in order to address the 500,000 tonnes of coffee grounds sent to landfill in the UK alone every year!

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