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Skincare for oily skin – why your oily skin still needs oil

  • 4 min read

We often get asked whether it’s okay to use oil on oily skin. It’s understandable that you would question it, seeing as it may seem counterintuitive. But in short, the best skincare for oily skin includes oil and hydration. Before you think we’ve completely lost our marbles, let us explain exactly why your oily skin still needs oil, and why a Face Serum can be one of the absolute best products for oily skin.

What causes oily skin?

At its most basic level, oily skin is simply the result of overproduction of sebum. This is the natural oil that your sebaceous glands (which sit under the skin surface) release. This sebum is predominantly oil based and its purpose is to moisturise and protect your skin. It’s what gives your skin that radiant glow.

One of the predominant characteristics of oily skin is that the ‘radiant glow’ is somewhat in overdrive. There’s too much shine. Your sebaceous glands are doing a mighty good job of keeping up sebum production, but they are perhaps a little over-eager. Unfortunately, oily skin is often associated with those dreaded breakouts. The overproduction of sebum can lead to clogged pores, due to trapped dead skin cells.

There are various reasons as to why there’s this overproduction of sebum which causes oily skin. It may be thanks to good old genetics, or it could be lifestyle or environmental factors. Hot humid weather can stimulate sebum production, and oily skin tends to be more marked in summer compared to winter. Your diet can also affect the oil levels in your skin. Additionally, as you age, your skin becomes less oily. Generally speaking, those with oily skin tend to be younger.

The role of skincare with oily skin

Let’s be honest, there’s not a huge amount you can do about genetics. There’s nothing you can do about your age. And you’re limited in terms of what you can do about environmental influences on your skin.

However, what many with oily skin overlook is the role of skincare products in worsening their problem. Oily skin can be created, and certainly exacerbated, by using the wrong skincare products, or using the wrong products at the wrong time of the year, life, or stage in your skincare routine.

Particularly for those with oily skin, there is an enormous temptation to wash, wash, wash the face, and then keep it as dry as possible. And there lies the biggest trap. Too much cleansing, too much exfoliation, and too little moisture and hydration sends your sebaceous glands the message that ‘hey, we’ve got to up sebum production because we’re drying out!’ Stripping away the oil from your skin switches on panic over-production mode and your skin ends up producing more oil.

You need to limit cleansing to twice a day and you need to moisturise oily skin. We know this is a radical concept, but just head over to our Facebook page to see the transformation that happens when people take our advice!

So, if it’s okay to use oil on oily skin, and you’re ready to believe us, what should your oily skin routine be, and where does serum come into it?

Your oily skin routine

When it comes to oily skin, we really rate the double-cleanse method. This way you’ll ensure your skin is clean of the dirt and grime which mixes with sebum and blocks your pores.

However, beyond this we urge you not to neglect moisturising! Remember, if you don’t add the moisture to your skin, it’ll over-produce. The key is to find the right way of moisturising, hydrating and protecting your skin. A fast-absorbing moisturiser is a must.

Then it’s time to turn your attention to face serum.

The benefits of serum for oily skin

We’ve explained before what serums are and their benefits, in general terms. However, we know that if we’re asking you to do something counter-intuitive, you need a little more reassurance.

Serum is incredibly light and easily absorbed. Our Face Serum with Coffee Oil is perfect for all skin types, and that includes oily skin. This is because we have created a formula that is organic, natural and contains all of the ingredients you need for healthy and hydrated skin, without the cloying effects of many moisturisers.

But don’t just take our word for it. We have over 1,500 high-rating positive reviews for our serum. We’ve picked out a few from customers with oily skin so that you can see for yourself that we’re really telling you the truth:

Ida wrote: “I'd always thought the last thing my oily skin needed was more oil. But this is a game changer. My skin looks so much better since I've been using this.”

Roisin shares the enthusiasm and has been converted to using a serum on her oily/combination skin. She says: “I’d always been a bit nervous about using serums, as I was worried their oil base would make my skin feel shiny and sticky – but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s super easy to apply and absorbed really well leaving my skin feel hydrated and refreshed!”

Another customer with oily skin who left a glowing review is Lisey, who said: “I absolutely love this serum! I was nervous at first about using oil as I’ve always had problematic skin, but I haven’t had any break-outs in the three weeks I’ve been using it, and it feels lovely and soft to apply. Love the smell and the effect it’s been having.”

So, what’s the secret? Our serum recipe includes Vitamin C rich rosehip, sea buckthorn and jojoba oils. But it also uses coffee oil from repurposed grounds. This brightens and hydrates the skin, boosting collagen and adding a protective layer to your skin. Of course, being UpCircle, it’s organic, 100% natural, vegan, sustainable, cruelty-free and UK-made too.

So be brave, and give oil for oily skin a chance!