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The UpCircle Shampoo Crème - Your questions answered!

  • 4 min read

As a brand, we’ve always held our ethics close and made sure that they are reflected in every single product we make. Our Shampoo Crème is no different – housed in a glass bottle and a cardboard outer box, our natural and cruelty-free Shampoo Crème uses upcycled pink berry extract to cleanse and strengthen the hair without stripping it, unlike many chemical shampoos.

Here are common questions asked about our Shampoo Crème :

What is a Shampoo Crème?

A Shampoo Crème is essentially a hybrid of the traditional liquid shampoo and newer shampoo bar. It is a highly concentrated formula that typically uses 50% less water than the average liquid shampoo. It is a sustainable alternative to traditional liquid shampoo. Its highly concentrated formula as a result of less water used, means that the product will go further, and you’ll get more washes out of it. This is the type of product that once used will likely mean you never go back to a liquid shampoo!

What is the benefit of upcycled pink berry in the Shampoo Crème?

Pink berry is clinically proven to reduce scalp irritation. It was also clinically tested on volunteers who frequently wear a hijab or helmet. It showed an overall improvement of scalp conditions associated with a decrease in redness, a reduction in itching, and a decrease in the appearance of flakes and scales. The pink berry we source is a by-product from natural fragrance ingredient manufacturing and is cultivated in Madagascar on local, family-owned plantations. Every batch of pink berries comes with a certified supply chain which guarantees socio-responsible sourcing.

How much do you need to use?

Due to our unique formula, you only need a blueberry size dollop of the shampoo to lather on the hair. You may need a tiny bit more if you’re hair is thick and long.  

How does it compare to other types of shampoo?

Please refer to the image below for reference: 

Where does this fit in my body/hair routine?

This should be used after your body wash/cleanse and before applying your conditioner. Please refer to the image below for reference: 

Does the Shampoo  Crème have a matching conditioner?

We understand that a conditioner is the backbone of one's hair care routine that softens and nourishes hair after cleansing, so it was a no-brainer we had to make a matching conditioner to compliment our Shampoo Creme! However, we are in the process of perfecting our formulation so keep your eyes peeled.  

Is it suitable for all hair types?

Yes! We know that most sustainable shampoos like shampoo bars don’t usually work for all hair types, which is why we didn’t stop until we created a shampoo that was inclusive and suitable for all, even on curly/coiled textured hair! Our clever formula lathers on hair smoothly and is very mild on the skin and eyes. We've had our shampoo tested by various hair types who tested and provided feedback on our final formulation before we approved it and proceeded with full-scale production to include in our Twelve Days of Beauty Calendar. With all of the rave reviews, we simply had to make it a permanent product!

How long does it last?

Since our shampoo is a concentrated formula that uses 50% less water, it can deliver THREE times the washes of liquid shampoo! To put it in perspective, our shampoo is 100ml which is comparable to a 300ml liquid shampoo. It is also worth noting that how many washes you get out of shampoo will be dependent on your hair length, thickness and if you go in for a double hair wash!

Why didn’t we create a shampoo bar?

Shampoo bars are often considered the best sustainable option but without palm oil, they’re not suitable for afro hair. It was so important to us to make a shampoo that was not only sustainable but suitable for ALL hair types which is why it was a long but much-needed process to get it right! In addition, shampoo bars are also known to strip and dry out hair due to the mild lather it creates and not to mention, it can be quite wasteful due to the last slithers of the shampoo bar being too fiddly to use. Due to all these reasons, we wanted to create a sustainable shampoo alternative that is not only plastic-free and eco-friendly but lathers well, is refillable and most importantly, works on ALL hair types.

Is the Shampoo Crème suitable for hair loss?

100% yes! Our shampoo is formulated with rosemary essential oil which has a long-standing history of promoting hair growth and strengthening circulation. As a result, it prevents the hair follicles from being starved of blood supply, dying off and leading to hair loss. Beyond stimulating hair growth, rosemary essential oil also prevents premature greying and dandruff. A double win!

Does the Shampoo Crème strengthen hair?

Yes! Along with rosemary essential oil that helps promote hair growth, our Shampoo Crème is also formulated with cedarwood oil which can help with scalp circulation and strengthening hair follicles. According to a study published in Archives of Dermatology in 1998, cedarwood essential oil is a safe and effective treatment for alopecia areata.  

Does the Shampoo Crème work for frizzy hair?

Yes! Our shampoo is enriched with coconut oil which is rich in lauric acid that nourishes the hair and prevents frizz and breakages.

Is the Shampoo Crème suitable for coloured hair?

Technically, there's no such thing as colour-safe products as dyed hair strands are simply more porous as they’re processed. However, our shampoo is sulphate-free, which means it does slow down the colours "fading" and it's also milder than many other non-sulphate-free alternatives.