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The UpCircle guide to: skincare for men

  • 4 min read

Move over ladies, this particular skincare guide is for the chaps. Here we dive into why a men’s skincare routine is important and a complete guide to the ‘hows’ of male grooming. From knowing what to do and when, to what products to use, whilst also being environmentally-friendly, we’ve got it all here.

So, guys, we get it. We get that the world of the men’s skincare routine is a scary and bewildering place. It can seem like you need a degree in complex scientific terms, along with being more in-tune with your feminine side than a bridesmaid on a hen night. The reality is that a guide to male grooming doesn’t need to be complex.

The basics: what is your skincare trying to achieve?

Let’s start with why you want and need a skincare routine, and why as gents it needs to be a little different to the ladies.

Good skincare for men is about tackling any issues you have (such as dryness or acne) whilst protecting your skin from the onslaught of damage life throws at it. Your skincare should deliver a fantastic feel-good factor – perhaps being the only point in the day you really get to focus on you. What’s more, we believe that it should make you feel and look amazing. Lastly, it’s important that your skincare routine is easy, straight-forward and lives up to your personal values when it comes to being plastic-free and environmentally friendly.

Ok, so put like that, it can seem like a tall order. But we promise men’s skincare routines can tick all of those boxes.

Let’s look at the different elements you want to consider.

The wash

Right, stop simply reaching for your other half’s lotions and potions and choose a face wash which is actually suited to you. Washing your face, morning and night, should be the bedrock of your skincare routine.

Why’s it necessary? Well, dirt and grime have a nasty habit of mixing with dead skin cells and leaving your skin prone to breakouts and, at best, looking dull.

For men, we recommend our Fennel and Cardamom Chai Soap Bar which is great for hydration. Soap bars are great because you can use them at the sink, in the shower, or at the gym.

You can leave your face-washing at that, but a couple of times a week, we recommend you reach for a squeeze of the Coffee Face Scrub Herbal Blend. Wash on and off rather like soap, massaging it gently on your skin. This will help to buff off any dead skin cells and excess oil, ensuring your face stays super smooth.

It’s worth noting that a scrub isn’t a replacement for a cleanser – rather, a scrub should follow your soap bar cleanse. But you will be pleased to know that the scrub does incorporate the next step of moisturisation, due to the shea butter and coconut oil in the scrub. These ingredients provide excellent hydration, protection, and calm to your skin.

The whole wash

We know we sound like your mum, but washing your skin shouldn’t just be limited to your face! When you’re in the shower, the soap bars are a great all-over option. But again, reach for a full body scrub once in a while.

Our Coffee Body Scrub with Peppermint is a vibrant invigorating scrub that smells awesome, and leaves your skin feeling smooth and super-clean. To use, just step out of the flow of water, and rub in the scrub (particularly to your shoulders and upper back). Leave for a few minutes before stepping back under the running water to wash off.

The crunchy coffee grounds and sea salt mixed with eucalyptus and coconut oil will do your skin wonders. What’s more, the coffee grounds are repurposed from artisan coffee shops!

Shave it away!

Of course, an essential element of the male grooming routine is shaving. Absorbing mainstream adverts over the years will have led you to believe this is a ridiculously complex and costly endeavour... it’s not! Choosing a razor also often means compromising on your ethics of going plastic-free wherever possible.

The UpCircle Safety Razor is plastic-free and delivers a superior shave with reduced irritation. If you’ve never shaved with this old-school design before, then watch our video to avoid newbie nicks. It’s very easy and will save you a whopping £163 per year compared to using disposable razors.

What’s more, we operate a razor blade return scheme so that you can easily recycle used blades. Every time you return five blades, we’ll give you £1 off your refills too.

Moisture is the word

Finally, there’s one other element of the men’s skincare routine that we think you need to pay attention to: moisturising and hydrating.

No, this isn’t just reserved for the ladies.

There are two things to include here: a serum and a face moisturiser.

After you’ve washed and dried your face, apply moisturiser. Just take a little of our Face Moisturiser with Argan Powder and massage it into your skin. This moisturiser is fast to be absorbed and will help your skin to be healthy and stay hydrated.

Then put a few drops of our award-winning Face Serum onto your fingertips and massage into your skin. This will lock in the hydration from the face moisturiser, and your skin will be wonderfully smooth and soft. It also delivers lots of vitamin C from the rosehip and sea buckthorn oils, whilst brightening the skin with coffee oil. Even better, our face serum doubles up as a beard oil! It will help soften coarse, wirey hair, helping your beard appear nourished and feel softer. Find out more about face serum benefits.

Male grooming needn’t be complex

Male grooming and skincare should be straightforward. Using products that are tried and tested, and made in the UK with natural, organic ingredients, is an excellent place to begin.

If you’re ready to get started with your men’s skincare routine and don’t want the faff of buying all of the individual different products, choose the Men’s Skincare Bundle. This contains a Chai Soap Bar, Coffee Face Scrub, Face Serum, Face Moisturiser, Body Scrub and a Safety Razor.

Book your slot at the bathroom mirror and look after your skin!