Intentional Spaces: A letter from Alex in team UpCircle

  • 2 min read

Dear UpCirclers, 

My name is Alex and I work with the wonderful team here at UpCircle as the European Sales Representative. I am also proudly queer. I am also a drag performer, working in queer nightlife spaces to perform and make people happy! 

I am writing this letter following the recent events in Colorado in the US –My community was attacked quite literally in what is meant to be a safe space when a gunman came in to attack Club Q– I am Swiss American and raised partially in New York so it feels even closer to home. These events are not just limited to the United States, although they are happening far too often there, as well as abroad. I am fed up and tired, scared and heartbroken for my community. I want to live safely and freely, openly and in security in all spaces. I wish for intentional spaces that provide support, security and joy for queer people internationally. The recent event in Colorado coincides with the World Cup in Qatar, a country that openly discriminates against  LGBTQIA+ community members. 

This safety issue is something that I would like to urge everyone that follows, supports and adores our brand to take action on and be a part of changing. We are all related to, and/or know, LGBTQIA+ individuals that need and want solidarity and literal protection during these and all times. 

I wish to be a part of creating supportive spaces, using our very own networks here at UpCircle, as well as my own external network. Myself and some of my fellow team members are organising an ongoing project in relation to these events and concerns to uplift and be in community with people like myself. 

Leading up to the new year (until December 26th 2022), UpCircle pledges to donate 1 pound, dollar or euro per purchase of every Travel Bundle to as selection of the NGOs listed below and after the new year we will be developing monthly, long-term, virtual community meetings alongside said NGOs and with LGBTQIA+ community members that are lacking access to intentional spaces. These meetings will be an opportunity to create and nurture community, have fun, connect with others and learn makeup and skincare techniques. We will be gifting products to our attendees and providing the opportunity to be amongst others and to have fun! I hope this develops an intentional space that constructs bridges between individuals that are seeking a queer home and a fun activity to brighten their day. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to propose a few NGOs and organisations that could use your support today and all days. Some of these groups are based in the USA, others in the UK and abroad. I encourage you to research them as much as you want, as self-led education is important in changing the world and making it a better, safer place for us and everyone! I want to specifically add that Black, Trans and Gender Non-conforming individuals and Queer People of Color are to be prioritised as much as possible in terms of support.

Thank you for being a part of this movement. 

All my love,

Alex :)