Earth Day: best eco-friendly beauty accessories that aren’t adding to landfill

  • 3 min read

It is not new “news” that plastic is a major problem for the future of our planet. According to Zero waste week, 120 billion units of plastic packaging/materials are produced by the beauty every year. To make matters worse, 95% of this is thrown out after one use, while the rest ends up in landfills and the ocean. Not good. It's so important to remember that plastic pollution is as much of a human problem as it is a planet problem. Having plastic-free beauty products should be a priority for everyone. The beauty accessories we use every day shouldn't be harming the planet especially if there are other easy swaps that could be made without harming the environment and without compromising on quality and cost. Take a look around your bathroom and you’re sure to find a lot of plastic in the everyday products you use. From disposable razors to toothbrushes, make-up wipes and cotton buds, the material is so entwined with our lives that we barely notice it.

With increasing urgency surrounding climate change, it’s time to swap your plastic beauty accessories and switch to these plastic-free accessories from our accessory range that are affordable, high quality and most importantly, won’t end up in landfill!


It's time to say goodbye to disposable, single-use wipes, cotton pads and cotton wool and hello to reusable makeup remover pads! Our makeup remover pads are designed to be reusable with 7 pads included, one for each day of the week.

Face wipes may be convenient, especially when you've just got back from a late night out (we all been there!). However, single-use wipes aren't great for your skin — and are even worse for the environment. Most disposable wipes contain plastic fibres which, over time, turn into microplastics that are harmful to marine life and birds in particular. Instead, using a reusable makeup remover pad like UpCircle’s is not only is better for the environment but saves you money long term!


A sustainable, plastic-free and unisex eye roller to massage in eye cream or serum for deeper absorption, leaving your eyes brighter, soothed and refreshed!

A metal eye roller is usually the better option than a plastic one because it can provide a cooling sensation that helps reduce puffiness under the eye plus it last longer and better for the environment. A win-win!

In addition, its unique design is like no other! The flat handle end can be used to hygienically scoop product and the ball-shaped head allows you to gently reach and massage the full orbital area.





It’s time to make the switch from a plastic disposable razor to a plastic-free safety razor! Although disposable razors are “cheaper” you can save a lot more by investing in a plastic-free safety razor. Safety Razors are designed to only be bought once. With a disposable you throw the whole thing away when the blades become blunt but with a safety razor you only replace the blades, and the blades are a lot cheaper to replace than buying a new disposable razor. Plastic razors find their way into landfills every year, and when they decompose, they become harmful microplastics. Not what we want!


Plastic cotton buds are small but yet a big issue. You use it once, and it takes 400 years to go away.
Instead, switch to a more sustainable option like UpCircle’s bamboo cotton buds. As the name says, instead of plastic, the sticks are made from a sustainable source of bamboo and the tips are made with organic cotton. It is the exact same thing, but compostable and zero waste. It is an easy swap and a great replacement for less environmentally friendly options. Plus, the box contains no plastic!


Our Gua Sha is made from stainless steel so no plastic here! The Gua Sha is designed to relieve tension and reduce puffiness. Its unique wing / fin shape allows you to contour your face as well as aids lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and boost circulation for a healthy glow.

In comparison to jade and rose quartz, stainless steel is more durable. So, when it comes to choosing a stainless steel Gua Sha, you forego the risk of having it break too easily. Definitely a more worthwhile investment and better for the environment!

Besides a range of plastic-free beauty accessories, we also make sustainable skincare from ingredients that would usually go to waste. We've rescued over 450 tonnes of coffee grounds alone! Try out our range of vegan, cruelty-free & natural products here.