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The ultimate guide to blue beauty

  • 5 min read

Have you heard about blue beauty? Is this just another fad, or a beauty trend that makes us sit up and take notice? If you are keen to do your best for the environment while looking great, then ocean blue beauty is here for you and promises to help you look great without compromising your ethics and values. 

We're here to share the low-down on blue beauty so you can purchase the products you need without worrying about your consumer conscience – read on to find out more! Unsurprisingly, with our ethics and values, we are completely behind the blue beauty concept.

What is blue beauty?

Before you wonder if we’re encouraging you to channel your inner Avatar or Boadicea, panic not. You won’t end up covered in turquoise and navy hues!

The blue beauty movement began in 2020 and focuses on encouraging consumers to buy beauty products made from ethical, sustainable and ocean-friendly ingredients that are packaged in refillable, reusable or recyclable packaging. 

The beauty industry is responsible for a huge number of single-use plastics, many of which end up in our oceans, harming marine life and the environment. Alarmingly, that’s just one of the ways in which the beauty industry can harm our seas and aquatic ecosystems. 

Blue beauty aims to reduce the amount of waste that enters our oceans and reduce the plastic and chemicals that are causing significant problems to the plants, animals and ecosystems that exist in the oceans.

How to find the best blue beauty brands

This is where it gets tricky. There’s huge room for greenwashing in the beauty industry – this is when brands imply or assert that they are greener – or bluer – than they actually are. Many brands offer some blue beauty products for consumers to purchase but still sell items that are harmful to nature. This can feel somewhat like lip service.

Rather than purchasing blue beauty items from these sellers, choosing a company that has ethical and eco-friendly values and only sells products that align with these values is better. It should be a brand-wind ethos. 

At UpCircle, all of our products are ethically sourced and cruelty-free, making us a great choice for your blue beauty shopping. We care about the impact of the ingredients we use, upcycling many ingredients that would otherwise go to waste, such as rose petals from left-over flowers. But we also carefully choose packaging that are eco-friendly such as our plastic-free glass bottles and jars that close with an aluminium lid. 

Picking the best blue beauty products

When choosing the best blue beauty cosmetics, you need to start by checking out the ingredients and packaging, as this will enable you to define whether the blue beauty requirements are being adhered to. Once confirmed, you will need to consider the types of products you need to add to your collection to achieve the beauty regime that works well for you. 

If you currently use products that do not adhere to blue beauty standards, throwing them away is not the answer. In fact, most blue beauty advocates would advise you to use up what you have to save waste and replace them with blue beauty products once they have run out. When it’s time to throw out the packaging of these items, clean them and recycle wherever possible. You may even be able to reuse some bottles within the home.

Becoming a true blue beauty

When you are ready to invest in products that support the blue beauty ethos, then we'd suggest starting with some of the following items you need to replace after using your last one up, before continuing to add to your collection:

  • Facial products – this includes things such as cleanser, toner and moisturiser. There are many cruelty-free, blue beauty options available to try that will leave your skin cleaner than ever and stop the spread of toxic chemicals in non-blue products.
  • Self-care products – blue beauty also covers products such as deodorants, toothpaste, and bath and shower products. Simply look for ones that come in reusable and refillable packaging for the most impactful change.
  • Makeup – a wide range of makeup options now follow the blue beauty values, allowing you to enjoy creating your favourite looks without perpetuating animal cruelty or using products that are made with a list of concerning ingredients.
  • Fragrances – perfumes and other fragrances are also high on the list of products that can often be bad for the environment. The good news is that there is now a wide range of ocean-friendly options that smell amazing too!
  • Sunscreens- Sunscreen is a vital step in a beauty regime to protect you from harmful UV rays which should be applied everyday even in the winter (if it isn’t , it should be! ). However, finding a ‘blue’ SPF can be difficult as most sunscreens  in the market contain harmful chemicals that cause coral bleaching and damage to the ocean. The good news is that we have a reef-safe (ocean friendly) mineral sunscreen that is perfect to add to your blue beauty routine! 

Living a blue beauty lifestyle

Blue beauty isn't just about the products you buy; it's also about the way you live. The first step to a genuinely blue way of life is to start by being discerning about the items you purchase and the things that you use in your everyday life. It’s also about taking accountability for buying things that come in ocean and environmentally-friendly packaging so that you can begin to reduce the negative impact your purchases have on the wider world. 

The blue beauty movement also strongly encourages participants to reuse their beauty product packaging within their lives rather than letting it become a waste product. Many campaigners also participate in beach clean-ups and other initiatives designed to stop so much plastic and rubbish from getting into the ocean. With so many different ways to get involved, there is something out there that you can do to help Mother Nature and her oceans.

Choose ocean blue beauty from UpCircle

Ultimately, the goal of both blue beauty and green living is to educate consumers to purchase the products they need in an ethical and eco-friendly way. Plenty of great beauty products are designed to help you without harming the planet; all you need to do is take the plunge and start trying some out. 

If you are keen to buy your blue beauty products from a company with strong ethics and a cruelty-free ethos, then UpCircle is here for you. We have products to suit all skin types and needs, and you can be certain that your purchase will go a long way to helping ethical skincare become a priority for all, with our plastic-negative certification. Check out our range and make your first purchase today!