A note from the founders!

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You're our number one!

Well hi! Sibling co-founders Anna and Will here! It’s been a while since we wrote directly to you all and today just seemed like the perfect time to do so. 

It’s now close to six years since we had the crazy idea to start collecting coffee from coffee shops and turning it into scrubs – and wow, what a rollercoaster it’s been since then.

We just wanted to take the time to say a great big THANK YOUfor your support. Whether you first discovered us on Dragons’ Den four years ago, or you’ve just placed your first order through one of our Slowvember sales, we thank you for joining us on this journey and for helping us to lead the “by-product beauty” movement.

What a month. 

The month started with us having to temporarily switch the packaging of our two best-sellers, our serum and moisturiser into non-frosted packaging due to the global supply chain issues. Not ideal. Fortunately, our luck then turned around when after a THREE month delay, our new products, the Night Cream and the Hand + Body Wash and Lotion finally arrived at our London warehouse. Relieved is an understatement.

At the same time we launched “Slowvember”,
our rebrand of Black Friday. Rather than all the pressure on one weekend we chose to slow things down and bring calm to the chaos. Each Friday we offered a new promotion allowing you all to make pre-planned, rather than panicked, purchases.

Slovember round up.

Was it a success? Well, here’s a few stats on each weekend which we thought you might enjoy.

For our week 1 offer we planted a tree for every order placed AND we relaunched our Candles and Face Scrubs in jars.

    Our week 2 offer was a FREE organic, circular tote bag with every order over €40 AND we launched three brand new products!

    • Our average basket spend increased by 25% compared with the average
    • We received our largest ever UK website order

      Our week 3 offer was simply buy one get one half price.

      • The new Night Cream was the most popular new product across this weekend
      • We achieved 50% of our target for the three days in just one day

      Our final, biggest offer for week 4 is buy more, save more - with up to 40% off.  We can’t really sum it up at this stage as it’s STILL LIVE! 

      Our parents have been pitching in behind the scenes all month, helping us with setting up for Christmas markets and writing out oh so many gift notes!

      Straight on to the next!

      With barely a breath taken, we’re straight on to commencing plans for our next product launches. We received a circular business grant which will enable us to work with a brand new repurposed ingredient – flower petals! Stay tuned…

      But forgive us for stealing a nap here and there, rest assured we’re as determined as ever to continue growing this little brand of ours!

      Thanks again for all of your support. Whether it’s saying hello at an event, liking an Instagram post, or signing up for a chai soap subscription. We couldn’t do this without you! Here’s to the next chapter.

      With love,
      Anna, Will and the rest of Team UpCircle x