2023 UpCircle beauty trend predictions

  • 4 min read
It is that time of the year again when we look closely at lifestyle, consumer behaviours and innovations in the beauty realm which we think are set to take off in the year ahead.

There are lots of 2023 skincare and beauty trends which are positive, inspiring, and will leave us ready to embrace the New Year with more optimism. So, let’s get cracking.

Beauty Snacking

A desire for self-care moments will prevail as we all shift to working from home or hybrid working. We are all guilty of forgetting to look after ourselves but more recently, people are more open to break the monotony of their work day for a quick “snack” but it's not the edible type of snack.

Meet the newest trend in self-care for 2023 and beyond- “Beauty snacking”. It is “bitesize” moments of self care throughout the day to break up homeworking lifestyles or create moments of pleasure. The purpose of a beauty snack is to introduce a few seconds of self-care into an otherwise busy workday. People will opt for convenient options and products to help provide structured self-reflection as well as moments of mindfulness. Plus, it's no secret that little breaks help boost productivity and concentration. These include products that are travel-size, easy to apply and no mess products that will allow consumers to “snack-on- the go”. From a soothing candle that helps us refocus, or an indulgent hand cream to relieve dry hands, or a serum that brightens the complexion before a video call, UpCircle has a beauty snack to suit everyone's taste.

The rise for more menopause-friendly products


According to GenM research, the Invisibility Report revealed that 91% of menopausal women have never seen any specific products marketed to them, and 90% wish brands were more inclusive of menopause. With the demand continuing to rise, for 2023, the beauty industry should expect to see a rise in menopause friendly beauty products. Consumers experiencing menopause will actively seek out brands that represent them and offer products that help them pre, during, and post menopause. Menopause is when oestrogen drops and this affects the skin. Skin will appear thinner, duller, collagen is less dense and more fine lines can form. While ageing is natural and a beautiful thing which represents a life lived, some may feel unsettled by the changes. Here at UpCircle, not only are our formulations sustainable and made naturally, but every single one of them is also suitable for menopausal women. For example, our Organic Coffee Face Serum has coffee oil to brighten the complexion and rosehip oil to help boost collagen, whilst our Night Cream has blueberry extract which is a source of pro retinol that can help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

Hyperpigmentation awareness

For us at UpCircle at the moment, hyperpigmentation is the skin condition mentioned more than any other with regards to incoming customer queries. Hyperpigmentation is not “new” news in the beauty industry (in fact, the first record of hyperpigmentation was around 2200 B.C.), so why all the talk now? Consumers affected by hyperpigmentation often feel unrepresented in the beauty community and are now demanding for a change 2023 and beyond. Hyperpigmentation is an excessive production of the natural pigment, melanin and is caused by many things, such as sun damage, hormonal changes and inflammation. With this in mind, we should expect to see more products that help treat but also prevent hyperpigmentation. Many times a day we have customers asking us what products we have within our range that can help with hyperpigmentation. 


Emerging from the pandemic, “skinimalism” is all about taking a minimalistic and simple approach to one’s skincare routine. Partly due to a rise in inflation across the globe, we will see an increase in consumers relying on quality rather than quantity and affordability. “Skinimalists” are looking to reduce consumption and take pride in buying well. They do this by using multi-purpose products to streamline their beauty routine and minimise waste and will seek brands with products that accommodate this. At UpCircle, we understand this and are not just reducing waste by saving ingredients and transforming them into high-performance skincare, but also by ensuring that our products are multi-purpose. Our circular approach also extends to packaging, as we’ve now refilled more than 22,000 pieces of packaging via our “Return, Refill, Reuse” scheme. Consumers no longer want to buy ten different products for their routine, but want to invest in one or two that work. For this reason, we should see an upsurge in popularity for multifunctional and hybrid skincare products. For example, our Coffee Face Serum can be used in many different ways! As a face serum, a natural highlighter, mixed in with foundation for a dewy look, as a cuticle oil, beard oil or as a hair oil - the possibilities are endless!

Niacinamide- the new trendy miracle ingredient

Niacinamide will keep a hold of its top spot as an indispensable part of most 2023 beauty routines. But what is it? Niacinamide is a vitamin B3 derivative that enhances the skin’s natural barrier function by stimulating the dermis and increasing the fat content of cells. This replenishing action means the skin is better at protecting itself against breakouts and retaining water, resulting in minimised pores, evened skin tone, smoothed lines and strengthened skin. With a rising desire for tightened and firm skin amongst not only mature consumers, but younger consumers too, this ingredient will most likely make its way into eeeeeven more top-selling skincare products in 2023. UpCircle has been ahead of the game (of course!) as niacinamide is the core ingredient in our nourishing night cream. The UpCircle Night Cream is unscented and formulated with replenishing niacinamide which makes it suitable for all skin types. Your skin’s best night sleep! It’s been on the market now for about 2 years and is already an absolute best-seller.

Go with the Glow

This trend is all about achieving luminous skin that looks like it's glowing from within. The idea of looking like a “glazed donut” will rise in popularity for 2023. Consumers of all ages will seek products that will radiate their skin and enhance their natural beauty. It is the opposite of using thick cakey makeup and skincare products that feel heavy on the face. Instead it’s about restoring the skin’s balance and illuminating a healthier, natural look. Think of products such as cleansers, serums and illuminators that will make you look like you’ve put in much more effort than you actually have!