2022 Trend Predictions

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It seems like just yesterday we were drafting up our predictions for the big skincare trends of 2021. But it’s that exciting time again where we can look closely at fledgling ideas and innovations which we think are set to take off in the year ahead. Indeed, we were spot on with lots that we highlighted last year…

It’s crazy to think that our “by-product beauty” focus was considered by some as “too soon” when UpCircle was born just six short years ago. Now, more and more mainstream brands are incorporating circular ingredients into both new and existing product formulations. We’ve been featured in more 2022 Trend Prediction posts than ever before!

There are lots of 2022 skincare and beauty trends which are positive, inspiring, and will leave us ready to embrace the New Year with more optimism. So, let’s get cracking.


Our skin hasn't got the ability to digest ingredients as our gut does, the fermented process helps to break down the active ingredients into smaller and simpler molecules, making it easier to be absorbed by our skin.

Therefore, the desire for potent ingredients that last longer is driving interest in fermented beauty aka kombucha for the skin! We think this one’s pretty cool, safe to say we’re laying the feelers for a miso by-product in a future UpCircle product. (Shout out to any business owners, manufacturers or suppliers that might be able to help make this dream a reality for us!)

Ingredients that have been through a fermentation process are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, polysaccharides, and more. They’re hailed for their ability to help heal wounds, reducing inflammation and strengthening the skin barrier. Global supply chain issues also make fermented beauty a likely future trend as we strive for longer lasting ingredients and less waste “from farm to face”.


You might be thinking, “Hmm, didn’t you just swap your scrubs OUT of aluminium packaging?!” Well yes, yes we did! But that doesn’t mean don’t absolutely LOVE aluminium packaging, there was a reason we chose it in the first place right? The texture of our scrubs wasn’t the perfect match, but we’ve got more than one product set to launch in 2022 which will see the return of our beloved metal tubes.

We couldn’t do a trend forecasting post without mentioning some form of packaging. Cosmetics packaging is a never-ending discussion after all. Aluminum is a standout when it comes to recyclability. More and more brands appear to be taking its value seriously and are utilizing it more and more going into 2022.


SPF has been a hot topic for a long time now, but the forms it’s taking are getting more and more diverse. Sprays, SPF mousse, SPF for your hair…These are all hitting the skincare market at the moment and we think more SPF diversification is in store for us all next year.

Our SPF 25 Sunscreen has now been in formulation for over two years and we're confident that we've finally nailed it. Our SPF is an all-natural, ocean-friendly, mineral sunscreen formulated with zinc and titanium oxide, which create a physical barrier on your skin to block UV rays. As with all UpCircle products, our Sunscreen will rescue a leftover ingredient and this time we're saving tomato seed oil. We've chosen tomato seed oil because it's rich in antioxidants that prevent free radical damage, and tomato seed oil is loaded lycopene that not only calms redness but smooths skin texture too.

We had many requests to formulate our moisturiser with SPF, but we've developed our SPF 30 Sunscreen as a standalone product. The problem with moisturisers incorporating SPF is that it's too active an ingredient, meaning it can interfere with the original purpose of the moisturiser. SPF should therefore be considered a separate step because a moisturiser with SPF in won’t benefit the skin as much as two separate products will.
Stay tuned in 2022!


The beauty industry is full of brands that look similar and aren’t super enticing. Humdrum brands have been derisively called blands. Of course nobody sets out to make a bland, but, sometimes, by the time that they launch, their messaging and packaging is boring and already done. However, the global supply chain issues this year and next may offer brands a chance to change things up. With the most popular materials, ingredients and packaging tied up on boats and barges perhaps next year brands will be forced to look for more niche and interesting alternatives. Time for more innovation!


A trend we can expect to continue in 2022, at least for the first half of the year, is the at-home spa. With people unable to book regular spa trips and concerned about Covid exposure during salon trips, people are choosing to recreate the spa at home. We’ve seen a big increase in facial massaging tools like gua-sha stones and jade rollers. (Keep your eyes peeled for a 2022 UpCircle Accessories release here too!!) It’s all about choosing luxurious at-home products.


It was popular in 2021 and we reckon it’s likely to continue to be popular in 2022. It is a water-soluble form of vitamin B3 with antioxidant effects that also provide anti-inflammatory support. It’s praised for its ability to minimise fine lines, improve texture, skin elasticity, and hyper-pigmentation. Plus it plays well with other actives to brighten and fight acne, it supports the skin barrier, helping to moderate oil production and thereby refining the appearance of pores. Not surprising that we think this powerhouse ingredient will continue to pop up in products everywhere.

(ICYMI you’ll find niacinamide in our Night Cream, try it now!


TikTok has been a driving force behind the popularity of DIY beauty tricks (skin icing, anyone?) and game-changing hacks, including how to remove blackheads and treat dark under-eye circles.
Viral TikTok trends that jump off the platform into real life will no doubt continue to dominate – and fascinate – next year. The impact of word-of-mouth on today’s beauty industry is undeniable. In today’s digital age, the power of word-of-mouth is only ever more important and something we will continue to see play a role with trends. We’re working with some of our favourite foodies throughout Veganuary, so stay tuuuuned!

We’re excited for what’s in store for 2022! We’ve got lots in the pipeline with regards to the new product development that is always going on behind the scenes. We released three brand new products in November 2021, but the wait won’t be long for the next batch of freshness. Hopefully you picked up some of the hints we’ve just dropped! Until next time, X x